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We recommend booking your move 3 weeks in advance if possible. Keep in mind, it is a first come-first serve basis. Peak times are the end and beginning of every month, along with weekends.

Cancellations/rescheduling is free of charge as long as a notice of at least 72hrs is provided. Anything less than 72hrs may incur a $100 fee.

Yes, emptying dressers makes them easier to carry and minimizes risk of damage.

What happens when the move takes longer/less time than what is on the estimate? Our estimates are non binding. We only bill for actual hours worked in 15 minute increments. We do have a two hour minimum for labor and travel time.

Yes, you or someone who is authorized by you should be present throughout the entire move. (Must be 18yrs+) It is required that someone be there to supervise and make sure all items are picked up and dropped off.

Yes, our movers are more than happy to assist with assembly/disassembly of standard furniture including beds, tables, etc. Some items such as exercise equipment may incur additional charges. Check with us prior to booking.

Flammable items, firearms, valuables such as jewelry, important papers/documents, currency, small electronics (laptops, phones, tablets), perishable items, precious stones or articles of extraordinary value. As stated on our Bill of Lading, we are not responsible for any of these items.

Gratuity is discretionary, however if you choose to tip your movers the amount is entirely up to you. On average, gratuity is typically between 10-20% of your total and it is evenly divided among the movers. All gratuity is greatly appreciated by our team!

Please contact us within 90 days of your move. Our liability is .30 cents per pound per article unless you purchased additional coverage.

We are licensed and insured. All moving certificates must be requested prior to move day. Requests can only be fulfilled Monday through Friday and will not be processed until a reservation is confirmed.


We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. (Cards incur a processing fee).

Labor starts when the movers arrive at your location and it ends when all your items have been delivered at the destination. Wait times, and traveling in between locations are considered labor.

Travel time is a flat fee which covers the time it takes our movers to travel to your starting address and back to our facilities after your move is complete. It is not the drive time between your locations.

We recommend using smaller boxes for heavier items such as books. Please use any padding, packing paper or linens to pack your boxes to prevent any damage. Pack boxes as tightly as possible and avoid leaving any space on top, since it can cause damage to the box or be crushed.

No, we do not disconnect any major appliances. All appliances must be disconnected prior to being moved.

Due to liability reasons we cannot.

We are able to store your items overnight as long as we have availability and prior notice. A fee does apply, please contact our office for more information.

We encourage our customers to do a walk-through of the location prior to the movers departing. Check all closets, cabinets, and storages in which items may not be visible for the movers. It is client responsibility to ensure everything has been moved and loaded into the truck.

We will do our best to accommodate and load everything onto the truck. However, we cannot ensure that will be the case since trucks are dispatched based on the item list provided. A second trip does incur additional labor charge, and may be accommodated if scheduling permits.

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