Chicago boasts 77 distinct neighborhoods, each offering a distinct character and atmosphere. With so many choices available, deciding which place is ideal for you to call home can be overwhelming. 

When searching for a place to relocate to, your neighborhood must match your lifestyle and interests. The most effective way to do this is by researching your options thoroughly and selecting one that perfectly complements you. Moreover, Chicago also has many parks and other public spaces where residents can relax and spend time. This is especially true in the summer when residents enjoy the nice weather and feel rejuvenated.

After this article, you should have a step up when deciding the details of your next move. It can be easy to forget the hassle of moving during the excitement of finding a new place. It’s best to start thinking about the labor of moving now and work out the cost of things like finding a moving company in Chicagoland, making sure your movers are legit, and the physical moving itself.

Chicago Neighborhoods

There are many reasons to consider one of the city’s 77 neighborhoods–each offering something unique, from arts and culture to culinary delights. The best Chicago neighborhoods to move to offer all of the advantages of city living with a strong sense of community and plenty of activities. Furthermore, these places boast an excellent mix of housing options, including apartments and single-family homes. Regardless of which of the best neighborhoods in Chicago to move to that you choose, it’s best to leave the labor of moving to the pros.

Many young professionals look to Bucktown or West Loop in Chicago as a career starting point. Studios can be rented at an affordable monthly price, and as their careers progress, they may be able to upgrade to larger homes within the same neighborhood. West Loop is one of the most walkable Chicago neighborhoods. And as a centralized location, you’re right downtown. West Loop sports an industrial aesthetic with contemporary, high-end amenities, exposed brick walls, and unbeatable views. River North and Marina City are your best bet if you enjoy the high style, high fashion, and even higher buildings.

Lincoln Park and Old Town are perfect if you’re between starting your career and looking to start a family. The Lincoln Park and Old Town neighborhood scores a perfect 5-star Walkability and Public Transit rating! The neighborhood is an excellent option for young professionals, couples, and families looking to settle into the city. Lincoln Park is also the home of a major lakefront park worth visiting. Additionally, the neighborhood is known for its restaurants and world-class shopping.

Another reason people move to Chicago is its vibrant nightlife scene. Bars and clubs stay open late, and music fans will find plenty of concerts throughout the year. Even more exciting are Chicago summer festivals like Lollapalooza, which celebrate all types of artists, musicians, and other performers.

Are you searching for a family-friendly neighborhood or somewhere to raise your kids? Check out these great neighborhoods so you too can learn why Chicago is a great place to raise a family

  1. Beverly
  2. Edison Park
  3. Forest Glen
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Lincoln Park

But don’t be fooled, the best neighborhoods in Chicago to move to don’t necessarily appear on every “best places list.” North Center, for example, may sound generic, but it’s anything but. This family-friendly neighborhood is full of locally-owned stores and is great for a suburban alternative.

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Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago is an exciting city with skyscrapers, art galleries, museums, and a park system. Despite its reputation for high crime rates, some neighborhoods in Chicago have been identified as among the safest. To help you decide which neighborhood is right for you, here are some popular and safe choices:

  • Edison Park
  • Forest Glen
  • Norwood Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lake View
  • Mount Greenwood
  • Chicago Loop

Stick to this list if you are looking for the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Or you can do more research if safety is a top priority. For example, though South Chicago is becoming safer, it’s still not one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Violent crimes here occur more here than elsewhere in the city, and overall crime rates are 162% above the national average.

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Living in Chicago

In addition to its other amenities and attractive qualities, one of the great benefits of living in Chicago is its affordability. Entry-level housing costs much less than elsewhere, such as in New York or Los Angeles. This makes Chicago an attractive option for people moving from cheaper areas who wish to remain in a central metropolitan area for some time.

Another significant benefit of living in Chicago is its accessibility. The city boasts numerous convenient airports, making it ideal for people who travel frequently. Chicago neighborhoods have various restaurants, live music venues, parks, and specialty schools. Bus and train services are also available in the city, providing convenient options for those without access to a vehicle. Furthermore, walking from one point to another is easy because many public transport options are available. Additionally, the new 606 Trail, a 2.7-mile urban greenway, acts as an urban oasis and connects the Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park neighborhoods, making it better than ever to find yourself living in Chicago. 

If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Chicago to move to or already living in Chicago, make sure you’re prepared for what to expect on moving day. The best neighborhoods are often located close to downtown. However, this is not always the case. Suburbs are also popular choices for those looking to move to the area, as they offer an excellent quality of life at a much more affordable price than city neighborhoods.