Loading & Unloading Services

Whether you’re moving to a new house in the Chicago suburbs, a new office space in Chicagoland, or a new apartment in the heart of the city of Chicago, Pack-Men Movers is ready to help you with your Chicago area move with our loading and unloading services. We understand that a move, whether residential or commercial, is a big deal! Oftentimes, the most difficult part of a move is loading and unloading your truck or moving van. That’s what Pack-Men Movers are here for. Rent your own truck, and we’ll handle the rest. When it comes time to load all your furniture and boxes in and out of your moving truck, our movers will do all the hard work for you and alleviate your stress. We’re here to help you with your next move in the Chicago area!

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What are Moving Labor Services?

No two moves are the exact same. Some moves just require a little muscle! With Pack-Men Movers’ moving labor services, you rent your own truck or container (or use your own truck, if you have one.) We do the rest!

Pack-Men Movers offers movers to help load and unload your moving truck, storage unit, PODS, SAMS, or even your own vehicle. Our professionally trained loaders and unloaders will help you pack all your furniture and belongings into your truck, then unload it when we arrive at your new home or office. We offer quilt-pad wrapping of your furniture, as well as disassembly and reassembly, as needed.

Pack-Men Movers is a team of friendly and professional local movers who can help you expedite the moving process. We are experienced movers who can handle trucks, trailers, and storage containers. Our labor-only services are an excellent way to get the help you need with your upcoming move.

Get as much or as little help as you need with your move with our labor only moving services! We offer moving labor services for both residential and commercial moves.

How Truck Loading and Unloading Services Work

So, how do loading and unloading services work? All you have to do is rent your own truck or container. Tell us when and where, and our pro movers will show up to help you with your move.

All the hard work is up to us. We’ll be prepared to blanket your furniture and bring reliable equipment to help us load your truck.

Your dedicated crew will then load up your moving truck for you, and then unload it at your brand-new location with excellent service and care. If you need assistance with packing and unpacking your belongings, we also offer those services as well.

Our truck loading and unloading services might include:

  • Loading and unloading your rental moving truck, like Budget, Penske, Ryder, or U-HAUL
  • Packing and loading storage containers, like Pods, Door-to-Door, and Pack-Rat
  • Loading and unloading moving trailers like ABF, U-Pack, Movex, or Broadway Express
  • Only loading or unloading: for example, if you’re renting a moving van and want to pack it yourself, we can help you unpack at your new location.
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We are the Best Labor Only Movers
in the Chicago Area

Pack-Men Movers are professional, efficient, and take excellent care of all of our clients’ belongings. The benefit of hiring labor only movers from Pack-Men Movers is that you get all the hard work handled for you, and you save time and money by renting your own truck or storage container. Our expert packers and movers will ensure that your boxes are loaded into your truck correctly, and get them to your location safely.

Hear from one of our happy customers, Loz M. in Chicago: “Awesome as always! Packmen movers always come through in a pinch. They are fast, friendly and affordable. All in all it took 3.5 hours, an hour of which was driving time. All of the furniture was… HEAVY. Best movers in Chicago.”


Benefits of Using Loading/Unloading Services

Our unloading and unloading services are an excellent option for many of our clients who
don’t need to utilize our fleet of moving trucks, just the services of our excellent movers.

Save Money

With our loading and unloading services, you can actually save money by renting your own truck. But you still get all the benefits of utilizing our professional movers!

Save Stress

When you utilize our loading and unloading services, it means you spend less time dealing with the actual labor of moving and instead spend time settling in and enjoying your new home or office. Our movers will handle lifting all the heavy boxes while you sit back and relax. No more endless trips in or out while carrying huge boxes!

Speed Up Your Move

Our labor only movers can help make your move both faster and easier with our services. Rather than lugging each item to your truck yourself, our movers handle the hard work so you can focus on the logistics of your move.

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Chicago-Area Loading and Unloading Truck Services

Our loading and unloading services are personalized to fit your needs. We offer both residential and commercial labor-only loading and unloading truck services for any moves in the Chicagoland area.

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Hire Pack-Men Movers for Loading and Unloading Services Today!

Let’s get your move on! We are a family-owned and operated moving company based in Chicago, Illinois. Trust Pack-Men Movers to help you with your transition. We promise to respect all your belongings and load and unload your valuables safely and efficiently. Make your move much easier with our movers helping you load and unload your truck! If you have questions about our labor-only loading and unloading services, or would like to book our professional packers for your next move, contact us or request a quote today.

Other Moving Services Available from Pack-Men Movers

Pack-Men Movers is a full-service moving company. In addition to our labor-only loading and unloading services, we offer a wide variety of other moving-related services to help make moving day easier for you, including moving services and packing services.