Best Methods to Pack Fragile Items When Moving

Moving can be a daunting task. With all of the time you have to spend researching and contacting moving companies, as well as packing and planning, it’s a huge responsibility to take on all by yourself. On top of all of that, you might be packing fragile items. This just adds an extra layer of worry onto your plate when taking care of your moving checklist. You want to be able to pack fragile items without worrying about all of the handling that will occur during the move. In this article, we’ll go over some reliable ways to pack items for your moving day. 

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Fragile Packing Tips

Nobody wants to open a box after a move just to see a bunch of broken plates. If you don’t pack correctly, this could be a potential outcome of your move. So, you want to be extra cautious when packing your delicate or breakable items. Packing is what you need to pay attention to when it comes to not breaking your belongings. It all starts with how you pack your plates, glasses, and other vulnerable property. The first tip we’ll give you for how to pack these items while moving is to use soft packing materials. 

There are plenty of options to choose from with soft packing materials. Whether it’s bubble wrap, foam, packing paper, towels, or even clothes, you just need something soft to cushion those easily breakable items. You’ll want to stick your chosen material at the bottom of the boxes you’ll be using. If you plan on stacking many things in one box, it’s best to use the material between the individual items. In addition to that, you should stack your heaviest items on the bottom of the box. If you’re packing glassware like cups, it might be more advantageous to purchase dividers to put between each glass inside the box. 

You’ll also want to be careful when choosing the type of boxes for packing fragile items. The first thing to be aware of is the actual quality of the boxes you buy. You want your boxes to be thick and sturdy. This way, they’re less likely to collapse under the weight of the items you’re moving. Flimsy or thin boxes are no good. Try not to overpack the boxes either. If you pick it up and the box has any give, you should take a few items out and put them in the next one. If you have fragile objects that are on the heavier side, try to pack them in smaller boxes. This gives the item less space to move around. Make sure to pad any extra space too. 

How to Pack Items For Moving

Packing items for a move is not easy, especially if you have a lot of delicate property. That said, you will need to take a bit more time packing your fragile items than you will with your other belongings. It’s tempting to want to rush yourself and get everything packed at once. However, taking it easy and slowing your pace will save you from having to open boxes of broken items after the move. Cutting corners will ultimately cost you on moving day. Doing what’s easiest right now will end up costing you in the long run. 

Another very important aspect of moving fragile items is how you construct and label each box. Nowadays, you can get boxes with flaps that secure themselves. Even if you end up purchasing these types of boxes, you should still utilize packing tape. This is especially important for the bottom of the box because you don’t want items to fall out from underneath. Use extra strips of tape across the bottom of each box to ensure that additional support. If you are moving the boxes yourself, you also want to hold them from the bottom for the same reason. Whether you will be personally handling the fragile boxes yourself or not, it’s imperative to clearly label them. If you’re using markers, make sure your handwriting is legible and big. Consider labeling multiple sides of each box, and try to put the fragile boxes together. 

It’s also crucial for you to communicate with your movers about which boxes need to be treated with special care. Labeling and putting the boxes together helps, but you should also make sure that the movers are aware the day of the move. If you have a lot of fragile items, communicate that with your moving company. 

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Best Way to Pack Plates for Moving

Now you know the different ways to ensure that your breakable items will be safe during the move. However, different items need different types of care when packing. For instance, the best way to pack plates for moving is to wrap them with packing material individually. To do this, lay out a sheet of packing paper and place the plate at the edge of the paper. Wrap the paper around each dish several times to ensure that it is protected. Then, you can tape the paper on each dish to fully secure them. Once properly wrapped, you should stack them vertically and fill any extra gaps with more packing material. 

You’ll also need to make sure that you fill any hollow objects with packing material. Things like bowls, cups, vases, and jars can crack or break even without being dropped. Placing packing paper or other materials inside these otherwise hollow objects will soften any vibrations. In order to avoid broken belongings in a move, you have to ensure that each box is packed tight with cushioning. The less room your items have to move around in, the better. 

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Hire Professional Movers to Pack Fragile Items

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