Good customer service is a highly impactful business focus, reflecting how a business values its clients and works to achieve their satisfaction. When working with a moving company, choosing a business that provides positive customer service is very important. Possessing this quality means the moving company will prioritize your satisfaction during interactions and processes during your move. It also means employees will move your belongings carefully. In this article, we’ll discuss why customer service is important, what aspects indicate good service, and why you should prioritize good customer service from your moving company during your next move.

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Why Is Customer Service Important?

Customer service directly connects a business to its customers, helping to retain customer loyalty and yield the highest possible value from interactions. When a company provides excellent service, it can effectively recoup costs sustained during client acquisition efforts. Good service also attracts and refers new clients through positive reviews and testimonials. In this way, the state of client services has the power to significantly impact a business’s revenue and ultimate success. However, customer service is also a vital focus for those seeking business services, as it shows company quality.

If a business has negative reviews and testimonials, this indicates that the employees have little value for their customers and customer satisfaction. In turn, if a business has a large number of positive reports from previous clients, it shows a high value for customers and their satisfaction. When you need certain services, such as moving, you want to work with a company that will treat you well during interactions, value your satisfaction, reflect your focuses in their service, and work to achieve your goals. They want to retain you as a customer, yield positive reviews, and have more business just as much as you desire quick and quality service.

Customer Service Goals

It’s hard to attach a price to good customer service. However, when it comes to your next move, the cost of poor customer service can come from how long services take and how your belongings fair the journey and location transitions. Moving comes with some specific time and money considerations. It’s vital to maximize your time and money during associated processes as these costs can affect other aspects of your transition and life after the move. When looking to narrow down your moving company options, there are some specific ways to know if a given company has good customer service as they will focus on certain customer service goals.

Certain behaviors toward customers can indicate whether or not a given company can provide great service. They will likely focus on efficiently resolving customer issues, preventing future customer issues, creating an emotional connection, upselling and cross-selling, and obtaining a customer’s voice.

Efficiently Resolve Customer Issues

Resolving customer issues and requests quickly is a goal of a business that provides good customer service. It’s vital that companies work to resolve problems when they first arise, as overall satisfaction declines if employees don’t quickly resolve an issue.

Prevent Future Customer Issues

While offering good customer service involves addressing and resolving current client issues, excellent service works to prevent future problems. If a prospective moving company exhibits active involvement in preventing future issues, they truly value satisfaction.

Create an Emotional Connection

Statistically, people do more business with a company if they have positive experiences with the company. Clients want to give their business to a company that acknowledges and empathizes with their concerns and properly addresses their needs.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

While upselling and cross-selling can seem to benefit only a given business, customers can also benefit from working with a company that has these behaviors. When a business upsells or cross-sells to you, you can receive more perspective on options that may be right for you.

Obtain a Customer’s Voice

A customer’s voice includes what they are feeling and thinking during their customer journey. A company focusing on this voice benefits prospective customers as they actively listen, document, and attune strategies and solutions to their clients. 

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Other Customer Service Factors

Working with a business that focuses on customer relationships and interactions gives you more value as a client. In addition to some common customer service goals that can help you narrow down moving company candidates, other factors can help you make a final decision and receive the best possible moving experience. These additional factors to look for in a company include attitude, timeliness, responsibility, and expertise. You can look for these customer service factors in reviews and reports, or observe a prospective business during their interactions with you or other customers.


The general attitude of a company during business interactions is a great indicator of how the employees will treat you. Take note of how professional and respectful employees are to other customers and you during interactions.


Another important quality to look for in a prospective moving company is timeliness. You want to ensure that employees promptly address concerns and requests, then follow through quickly with attuned services. 


How much responsibility a company accepts when interacting and providing services can help prospective customers know their move and belongings will be in good hands. If a company doesn’t take responsibility, it can negatively affect your time and money investments.


When you’re facing your next move, another focus in selecting a moving company should be how much experience they have. You want to work with a company that possesses the necessary experience, technology, products, and solutions for you.

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Prioritizing Good Customer Service for Your Next Move

When looking for which company to hire for your next move, look for these customer service goals and factors. Prioritizing good customer service from your moving company can save you a lot of stress, time, and money for your efforts and ensure you have the best possible experience during your transition. For a moving company that will put you first before, during, and after your move, contact Pack-Men Movers today.